The Festival will be open for viewing at the following dates/times:
Friday September 22nd - 12 noon to 5pm
Saturday September 23rd - 10.00am to 5pm
Sunday September 24th - 10.00am to 5pm

Ample Visitor car parking will be available each day - Watch out for CAR PARK signs in the village.

The Scarecrow Trail will start from outside Pattingham Village Hall (Trail Guides detailing the route will cost just £2 each)
This will give you full details of ALL the registered scarecrows in the village, providing the scarecrow name, its maker and where it can be seen on one of several routes, each having a different colour.

Children's Scarecrow Trail Quiz
Also available at the START will be a Scarecrow Trail Quiz sheet for the children at £1 which includes a Festival badge. Great fun for the children answering the Quiz questions as they progress around the scarecrow trail. Hand in the completed Quiz at the START as there will be a great prize for the correct entry drawn out of a hat.

Refreshments will be available in and outside the Village Hall between 12.30 and 4.30pm daily.
There will be a selection of savoury rolls together with mouth-watering Homemade Cakes, plus freshly made tea or coffee. Buy at the counter and then sit and enjoy either in the Main Hall or outside the front of the Village Hall.
ICE CREAM will be available from the KNICKERBOCKER Ice Cream Trailer sited on the car park in front of the Village Hall.

 See all the 2015 scarecrows...
If you are planing to build a scarecrow for display in the village, don't forget to register it...
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Special Festival Events :

Friday night
Harvest Supper with 'Olde Pattingham' Slide Show
- traditional Harvest Supper followed by a slide show given by Robert Taylor and Lol Burgess. Licensed Bar.
Tickets at £7.50 each from Liz Sampson/700823 -
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Friday, Saturday & Sunday
- Display of Pew End decorations in St Chad's Church, plus...
Meet the Church Bellringers and have a '50p chime' on one of the church bells.

'SCHOOL COUNTRY FAIR' - Saturday 12.00 to 4.00pm
Be sure to visit the 'SCHOOL COUNTRY FAIR' at St Chad's C of E First School situated on Westbeech Road in Pattingham. See above Trail Guide for entrance via the High Street.

'SCHOOL CRAFT FAIR' - Sunday 12.00 to 4.00pm
Be sure to visit the 'SCHOOL CRAFT FAIR' at St Chad's C of E First School situated on Westbeech Road in Pattingham. See above Trail Guide for entrance via the High Street.

Saturday night
An Evening of Folk & Fun with 'The Elderly Brothers' led by Will Morgan, including a Hog Roast and Licensed Bar. Tickets at £12.50 each from Jill Parker/700755 and Chrissie Ringrose/700340 -
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Sunday 10.00am Harvest Festival Service in Church
6.30pm Harvest Festival Evensong -
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More information on the EVENTS page >>

Where to eat in Pattingham?

Food, refreshments and drinks can be obtained from:


Take a break from visiting the scarecrows and visit the Village Hall where you can choose your favourite cake and hot or cold drink then sit and relax either indoors or outside in front of the Hall. 12.30pm to 4.30pm each day.
Scrumptious homemade cakes at affordable prices... ALL ITEMS ONLY £1

Paul's Ice Cream Trailer will be on the Village Hall car park.

These ice creams are of the best quality with a wide choice of flavours including all your old favourites.
Choose your favourite and then enjoy it relaxing in the seating area or on the Playing Fields.

Food and drinks are also available at the CO-OPERATIVE STORE. LYCHGATE COFFEE SHOP , and the local public houses.

Where to find the toilets in Pattingham...
ST CHAD'S CHURCH - High Street
THE PIGOT ARMS - High Street
THE CROWN - High Sreet
PATTINGHAM CLUB - West End, High Street

Pew End Decorations in St Chad's Church, Pattingham

 At this year's Pattingham Scarecrow Festival, we are offering people the opportunity to celebrate their baptism or marriage, or commemorate a loved one, by sponsoring a floral arrangement which will be displayed on a pew end in St Chad's church, Pattingham.
This year's displays will consist of red poppies, wheat sheaves from a Pattingham farm, plus a coloured bow and special dedication card with your chosen wording.

How to order...
If you would like to arrange this, please phone... Liz Sampson (700823) or Chrissie Ringrose (700340) for your application form.
Please return Application Forms to Kath Coope (01902 700043).
Closing date is July 31st 2017.

How the proceeds from previous Pattingham Scarecrow Festivals have benefitted the local community...

2011 -
The total proceeds raised at this first event amounted to £7,000.
This was used to fund the NEW glass doors in the porch of St Chad's Church in Pattingham.
see below >>

2013 - The total proceeds raised this year was £10,500.
This amount was used as a further contribution to the NEW church glass doors, together with £4,200 given to help fund the development of the new play area on the village playing fields, the Pattingham Regeneration Group.

2015 - This 3rd event raised £12,500.
To date this has been used to fund £5000 worth of educational equipment in St Chad's C of E First School. The remaining amount will be used to finance another modernisation project in St Chad's Church.

2017 - The proceeds raised from this 4th event will be used to finance a project in the local school in creating a track on the school field allowing all pupils to exercise daily throughout the whole year rather than just in the Summer.

The Scarecrow Festival will be supporting the project at St Chads C of E First School to construct an all-weather track around the perimeter of the school field to allow the children to exercise daily throughout the whole year. At the moment without this facility, they are unable to use the field in the winter because of muddy conditions.

Last year the school started a mile-a-day challenge. Children and staff would walk, jog or run at least eight laps of the field each afternoon to keep fit and healthy. As well as helping the school, the track would benefit the local community enabling cycle classes, balance bike training, the local running club, etc.

Together with this, a further sum will be used for further modernisation of the Church building.

After the Festival, we are planning to design a 2018 Scarecrow Festival calendar, similar to those produced after the previous Festivals. The design will have a page for each month with lots of scarecrow photographs, plus write-on panels to record your daily appointments.
Contact Mike Coope on 01902 700426 for more details.

Scarecrow Festival Photogallery...
As we have done for all previous Scarecrow Festivals of 2011, 2013 and 2015, we will be creating a PHOTOGALLERY of the 2017 event within this website. For more details, please contact Mike Coope on 01902 700426.

SCARECROW SECURITY - the Festival Steering Committee accept no responsibility for the safety of your scarecrow exhibits - it is up to you whether you wish to take them in each night, and your responsibility to ensure that they are in place during Festival opening hours.

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